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Tre Redeau-Harris was born and raised in Portland, OR. As a young man, he was heavily influenced by his older brother LC and his cousin Eddie, who made music in his dad’s basement together. Listening to them write songs and record was inspiring to young Tre, but it wasn’t until his cousin Eddie collapsed of sudden heart failure during a high school basketball game, that Tre was moved and inspired enough to begin writing his own music.

Struggling through the rest of his high school years and into college, Tre finally decided to pursue music full-time. By now, he had released Room & Board, his debut mixtape in early 2012. He was astonished by the positive feedback it received from peers, blogs, publications, and people in the industry.

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He linked up with a local label called LiveWire Forever during this time. The label provided Tre with a live band to accompany him on a number of concerts and college shows that he was booked for. One of the biggest being the Flat Tail Music Festival at Oregon State University, where he performed alongside Macklemore in front of 11,000 people. Although his relationship with LiveWire Forever was short-lived, the experience lead Tre to believe that a career in music was very possible and attainable.


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